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Themeforest Listify - WordPress Directory Theme free download

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This won’t be the first time you look for a directory theme, but it will be the last time. Because with Listify you have more than you could ever want or need.

Whether you know it or not, many of the websites you visit are powered by directories.

  • When you buy a house – real estate sites show listings.
  • When you buy a car – car sites show listings.
  • When you pick a restaurant – ratings sites show listings.
  • When you book a vacation – travel sites show listings.

Your site will be a thing of beauty. Let’s be honest, the problem with most of those sites, while highly functional, is that many of them aren’t very pretty. It’s why the beautiful ones are so popular, because they match great photography with fantastic functionality.

That’s what we’ve done with Listify.

Get Started Quickly

Want to build a reservation system quickly? We have you covered with integrations to the industry’s best booking services. We support Open Table, Resurva, Guestful, WooCommerce Bookings currently.

You plug in your account information, and our theme will link up the systems. The result will be the fastest and best-looking reservation site you’ve ever built.

Google Will Love You

Have you noticed that when Google returns searches, sometimes there are ratings next to listings and sometimes there aren’t? We won’t bore you with schema details, but we can tell you that your site, because of the way we’ve coded Listify, will show up the right way. Google will love you, and so will your prospective customers.

Your Revenue Is Waiting for You

Because of the variety of WooCommerce payment gateways and extensions, you could just as easily build:

  • A Gift Certificate Site
  • A Restaurant Guide
  • A Membership / Association Site

The potential is limitless, simply based on what you can imagine.

Powerful Plugin Integration

Let’s talk about all the functionality that you can combine with this theme. The theme integrates with the following plugins right out of the box:

  • Gravity Forms
  • NinjaForms
  • Contact Form 7
  • FacetWP
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Product Vendors
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension
  • WooCommerce Bookings Extension
  • WooCommerce Payment Gateway Extensions

To be clear, the theme doesn’t come bundled with these plugins. You’ll have to download them yourself (and some may require a purchase).

What we’ve done, however, is code the theme to support and style the integration with those plugins so that you can add all the functionality you like, while still looking great!

Make money with Listify

Did we mention you could use this to make money?

Before you decide that this is or isn’t the best theme ever, let’s highlight one more way you can make money with this theme.

We’ve already hinted that you could charge for any of the following:

  • Add a listing
  • Claim a listing
  • View a listing
  • Make a reservation
  • Book an appointment
  • Access to the site

But we’ve gone even further to also support ad spaces. So even if you don’t want to charge for anything else, you can still earn ad revenue. Listify is a mix of beauty, functionality and ease.

This is more than just a pretty theme. It’s more than just a highly functional one. It’s also incredibly easy for end users to enjoy.

  • Let them save a listing with our Bookmarks support
  • Let them search for a listing by a location or zip code
  • Let them view a map of all the local listings
  • Let them create submissions without logging into the admin interface
  • Let them share or visit a listing’s social media sites

And that’s on top of the features and integrations we’ve already mentioned – like OpenTable, Resurva, and Guestful! Build the directory site of your dreams!

What Our Friends Think Of Listify


Please note: This sale is for the Listify WordPress theme only. In order to take full advantage of the theme additional WordPress plugins are required. Some premium plugins may require additional purchase.


  • WP Job Manager (free)
  • WooCommerce (free)

Our demo uses these additional premium plugins:

These plugins are not required for your website to function and only needed if you require the additional functionality provided. To read more about why these plugins are not bundled with the theme check out these articles regarding the issue.

  • WooCommerce Social Login
  • WooCommerce Bookings
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WP Job Manager – Bookmarks
  • WP Job Manager – Tags
  • WP Job Manager – WooCommerce Paid Listings
  • WP Job Manager – Stats
  • WP Job Manager – Reviews
  • WP Job Manager – Products
  • WP Job Manager – Extended Location
  • WP Job Manager – Claim Listing
Updates History:

= 1.3.2: February 4, 2016 =

  • Fix: Output correct colors for map markers.
  • Fix: Remove limit on mega menu dropdown.
  • Fix: Add back default marker color and icons.

= 1.3.1: February 1, 2016 =

  • Fix: Skip fallback check for old set icons. Sites with hundreds of categories could slow down.
  • Fix: Cache terms where possible for sites with many categories.
  • Fix: Make sure FacetWP controls are still available in the customizer.
  • Fix: Proper filter for parsing shortcodes in listing descriptions.
  • Fix: WPJM 1.24.0 compatibility.
  • Fix: Listing Packages not displaying without Claim Listing plugin active.

= 1.3.0: January 30, 2016 =

It’s a new year! and we’ve got lots planned for 2016 for all of our themes including major design and feature improvements to be made to Listify. Nope your eyes aren’t deceiving you, we really are looking prettier today – thanks for noticing. We’ve made many changes to the interface of the Listify theme to start off 2016, with a lot more feature to come!

To say we are excited would be an understatement. In the 1.3.0 release of Listify we’ve added a new Style Kits option that gives power to change the look of your Listify site at just a click of a button, and we’ve added full control over every element of the design in terms of color, button styling, content styling, typography and much more.

Lets dig into what we’ve added:

  • New: “Style Kits” visit “Appearance > Customize > Style Kits” and make your Listify website unique to you!
  • New: “Font Packs” visit “Appearance > Customize > Typography” and adjust the typography of your website.
  • New: “Color Schemes” visit “Appearance > Customize > Colors” to see the newly available color schemes.
  • New: “Content” options visit “Appearance > Customize > Content” to adjust content layout and display options.
  • New: “Listings” options visit “Appearance > Customize > Listings” to adjust new listing options.
  • New: “Tags” widget design updates. Visit “Appearance > Customize > Listings > Listing Tags” to set icons for assigned tags.
  • New: Show gallery image descriptions if available.
  • New: Browse Astoundify WP Job Manager add-ons in “Listings > Add-ons”.
  • New: Dynamically register FacetWP template.
  • New: More helpful placeholders for inputs.
  • New: Setup Guide improvements.
  • Fix: Date internationalization for Business Hours widget.
  • Fix: FacetWP internationalization options.
  • Fix: Revert to standard the_content() call so shortcodes are parsed.
  • Fix: Social Login on checkout causing toggle issues on login form.
  • Fix: Use https to request geolocation information when using an API key.

= 1.2.1: January 19, 2016 =

  • Fix: WooCommerce 2.5 compatibility.

= 1.2.0: November 27, 2015 =

  • New: “Image Grid” widget can now use square boxes instead of random tiles.
  • New: Support for tag archives.
  • New: Full support for Chosen RTL.
  • Fix: WooCommerce Terms of Service checkbox position.
  • Fix: More checks for plotting on the map with FacetWP.
  • Fix: FacetWP address formatting.
  • Fix: Claim Listing plugin compatibility.
  • Fix: Make sure the WordPress Image API files are loaded before uploading images.

= 1.1.2: November 23, 2015 =

  • Fix: Indexing FacetWP proximity facet.
  • Fix: Map controls at the top right of the map.
  • Fix: Page settings not saving Hero style.

= 1.1.1: November 18, 2015

  • Fix: Show the correct featured image on pages.

= 1.1.0: November 18, 2015

  • Fix: Google Maps not displaying. (Google recently changed their API so we needed to make some changes).
  • Fix: “Not Found” message when using FacetWP.
  • Fix: Can hide search icon in the Primary Menu when using FacetWP.
  • Fix: Order mega menu and filters the same.
  • Fix: Properly reflect radius default value when set via URL.
  • Fix: Only show Tags widget when the Tag plugin is active.
  • Fix: Tag count tooltip.
  • Fix: Expand gallery images to fill the widget.
  • Fix: Show the author’s first name if available.
  • Fix: Cache rating counts.
  • Fix: Don’t fatal error when WooCommerce is not activated.
  • Fix: Hide expired content.
  • Fix: More specific loop inclusions to avoid title rewriting.
  • Fix: Allow locations to be properly cleared.
  • Fix: Polylang tweaks.
  • Fix: Remove built in Proximity filter.
  • Fix: Pad counts on mobile mega menu selector.
  • Fix: Update Resurva. Now only requires the Resurva URL.

= 1.0.7: September 15, 2015

  • New: Display category dropdown when searching from the homepage. Canonical category archives still do not allow switching (intentional).
  • New: Parse shortcodes on Feature Callout widget.
  • New: Added future support for core FacetWP proximity facet.
  • Fix: String updates.
  • Fix: FacetWP tweaks to match plugin defaults.
  • Fix: Only show categories when enabled.
  • Fix: Display “Locate Me” icon after 1.0.6 update.
  • Fix: Only output address schema markup if necessary.
  • Fix: Encode translated slugs.

= 1.0.6: August 21, 2015 =

  • New: Extra support for Polylang. See:
  • New: Max Zoom Out option for Google Maps
  • Fix: If you are using WP Job Manager – Regions, please update:
  • Fix: Undefined variable check for selected package.
  • Fix: Only limit login form width in popup if registration or social login is enabled.
  • Fix: Update to PHP5 style constructor.
  • Fix: Page gallery styles.
  • Fix: WooCommerce template version numbers.
  • Fix: Use a standard form for searching from the homepage. Improves performance.
  • Fix: Show correct location on map widget with Extended Location disabled.
  • Fix: “Get Started” on Plans & Pricing always links to Submit Listing.
  • Fix: Remove types from RSS feed URL if not in use.
  • Fix: Disable header search if FacetWP is enabled.
  • Fix: FacetWP timing to avoid empty maps.
  • Fix: FacetWP megamenu mobile links.

= 1.0.5: July 1, 2015 =

  • New: Add tertiary navigation menu label on mobile.
  • New: “Business Hours” in its own meta box in the admin.
  • New: Link address to directions in the Map widget on a single listing.
  • Fix: Ensure Points of Interest are hidden on the default map scheme.
  • Fix: WooCommerce product search.
  • Fix: Add WooCommerce error output on VC Homepage.
  • Fix: Allow the /listing/ and /listings/ slugs to be hardcoded in a translation file for Polylang.
  • Fix: Add listify-child admin-texts configuration to wpml-config.xml for the default child theme.
  • Fix: Carry over the selected package when coming from the Plans and Pricing page.
  • Fix: Prepend http:// to social links if missing.
  • Fix: Make sure the biography is always editable in the profile.
  • Fix: Change h1 to h3 on default widgets.
  • Fix: Only show comments on published listings.
  • Fix: Update WCPL Strings for 2.5.4+
  • Fix: When searching a second time for a previously searched location make sure results are updated again.
  • Fix: Remove “Mark Filled” and “Mark Unfilled” by default.
  • Fix: Allow gallery images to be fully removed when editing a listing.

= 1.0.4: May 27, 2015 =

  • New: Add comments to inline gallery viewer.
  • Fix: Stars appearance in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Fix: Respect slider gallery limit widget settings.
  • Fix: Gallery next/previous arrow colors on focus.
  • Fix: Instagram social icon hover color and spacing.
  • Fix: Only show map on contact widget when location data exists.
  • Fix: Only show top level taxonomy terms on the mobile navigation select.
  • Fix: Click once and enter once to submit search on the homepage.
  • Fix: Show “0 Results” before switching to found number.
  • Fix: Social links open in a new window/tab.
  • Fix: Remove WPJM widgets that do not apply to the theme.
  • Fix: Comment sorting by rating.
  • Fix: Allow custom map color schemes to always be loaded.
  • Fix: Long category overflow on homepage search box.
  • Fix: Avoid error when gallery slider is set with no images.
  • Fix: Alert icon priority.
  • Fix: Improve check for calculating the span on the last row for the image grid.
  • Fix: Tertiary navigation z-index on the homepage.
  • Fix: Display styles for more than 3 pricing options.
  • Fix: Google Address Structured Data.
  • Fix: Pass language to get_terms for Polylang
  • Fix: Simplify wpml-config.xml
  • Fix: If radius is manually shown on FacetWP have the select refresh the results.
  • Fix: Continued translation and i18n improvements.

= 1.0.3: May 8, 2015 =

  • New: Map color schemes. Read about creating your own:
  • New: Inline gallery widget for the listing page.
  • New: Developers – Distance for each listing is passed to the WP_Query instance when searching by location.
  • New: Add Instagram to default social profile fields.
  • New: Support for WP Job Manager – Alerts
  • New: Update FacetWP Proximity facet to allow for miles/kilometers to be used.
  • New: Add autolocation to FacetWP Proximity facet.
  • Fix: Pressing Enter on the header search now submits the form.
  • Fix: Avoid endless “searching” on map when no results around found.
  • Fix: Move map templates (pin and popup) to actual template files.
  • Fix: Use WordPress’ Underscore.js template interpolation to avoid problems with asp_tags.
  • Fix: Refresh FacetWP when a location is chosen from the autosuggestions.
  • Fix: Wrap address directly with schema data to avoid errors with Google.
  • Fix: Social Login positioning on certain pages.
  • Fix: Don’t show gallery widget when previewing.
  • Fix: Remove VC page template by default. `add_filter( ‘listify_use_vc’, ‘__return_true’ );` to turn it back on.
  • Fix: Rename page templates to provide better organization to select box.
  • Fix: List style overflow on certain pages.
  • Fix: Make sure lat/lng is properly cleared when clearing an autosuggested location.
  • Fix: More accurate filling of last row in the image grid.
  • Fix: Icon display in submenu items.
  • Fix: Dark color scheme tertiary navigation menu item color.
  • Fix: Remove extra whitespace when “None” is set to the Reviews widget icon.
  • Fix: Don’t output non-formatted location in unnecessary places.
  • Fix: Order listing packages in ascending menu order.
  • Fix: Use “Listings” dynamically on author profile page.
  • Fix: Update Ionicons source.

= April 20th, 2015 =

  • Fix: Update TGM Plugin Activation class.
  • Fix: Security hardening. Escape a few instances of add_query_arg().

= April 17, 2015 =

  • Fix: Check for WC Paid Listings existence with constant instead of class name.

= April 7, 2015 =

  • Fix: Avoid error on cover when no featured image is set but gallery images are. Use gallery as featured image.
  • Fix: Only modify the subscription Add to Cart URL on the Plans & Pricing + Homepage.
  • Fix: Only adjust the post class on the frontend.
  • Fix: Reset homepage query after displaying Facets to avoid stopping the video output.
  • Fix: Avoid endless spinning if AutoLocation cannot retrieve the address.
  • Fix: FacetWP responsive styling on homepage.

= March 31, 2015 =

  • Fix: Continue returning proper results for the image grid images.
  • Fix: String updates for WP Job Manager.

= March 30, 2015 (Unreleased) =

  • New: Link the map widget directly to Google Maps on small devices.
  • New: Refresh facets on the homepage instead of directing straight to the results page.
  • New: Exclude listing packages from the shop archive by default.
  • New: Use a gallery image on the map popup if no featured image is set.
  • Fix: Make sure Social Login shows on standard pages.
  • Fix: Standard searching should only return blog posts.
  • Fix: Make sure pressing enter submits the homepage search form.
  • Fix: Don’t override WP Job Manager’s category field type on the submission form.
  • Fix: Fix cover regression introduced in causing errors in some instances.
  • Fix: Remove #more- link on “Continue Reading” links in the blog.
  • Fix: Don’t error when 0 images are uploaded to the gallery.
  • Fix: Minimum width for gallery images in the gallery overview.

= March 23, 2015 =

  • New: Filterable zoom level for single listing map widget.
  • Fix: Escape all data passed to map to avoid encoding errors.
  • Fix: Turn off “Points of Interest” on map.
  • Fix: Use “click” trigger for mobile devices (based on screen size).
  • Fix: String update for “unlimited” job listings.
  • Fix: Avoid PHP errors on unset variables for covers.
  • Fix: When “Contact Listing” has a previously assigned “Claim Listing” form and is deactivated while “Claim Listing” is active, do not error.

= March 19, 2015 =

  • New: Add “None” option for icons on widgets.
  • Fix: Style conflict with WP Job Manager – Reviews. Please update Reviews.
  • Fix: Pass the full state to WooCommerce when formatting a location.
  • Fix: Default to 5 stars if no interaction with the stars when submitting a review.
  • Fix: When no featured image is set fall back to a gallery image.
  • Fix: Use WPJM upload core functions to upload images.
  • Fix: Don’t append an extra Social Login output to the body when using the popup.
  • Fix: When previewing a listing ensure the proper coordinates are loaded for the map.

= March 17, 2015 =

  • New: Pass the language to the geolocation request. If your site is Italian a “Rome” address will return “Roma”.
  • Fix: Don’t remove types from the query when using the map on the homepage.
  • Fix: Don’t let WP Job Manager ever override the FacetWP results.
  • Fix: GB instead of UK country code for miles vs kilometers.
  • Fix: Don’t resize the homepage map incorrectly.
  • Fix: Make sure the homepage map search returns relevant results (not malformed by other widgets).
  • Fix: Regions dropdown not appearing on mobile devices. Requires WP Job Manager – Regions v1.7.2.

= March 16, 2015 =

  • Fix: The UK uses miles on the map.
  • Fix: Don’t restrict Jetpacks output of sharing, but remove it from the listing description.
  • Fix: Don’t apply radius when viewing a region archive.
  • Fix: Homepage map filter width should match the container on large devices.
  • Fix: Always refresh the FacetWP template when the facets change.

= March 13, 2015 =

  • Fix: Don’t pass the Google Maps API key to the geocode endpoint unless it exists.
  • Fix: Display the social profiles in the admin when associated with a listing.
  • Fix: Make sure stars are always selectable and the selection is properly recorded.

= March 11, 2015 =

  • Fix: WCPL String Updates.
  • Fix: Link formatted location using geocoded coordinates.
  • Fix: Avoid PHP notice when saving a Claim.
  • Fix: Send Google Maps API key when geocoding via WP Job Manager.
  • Fix: 3 Column WooCommerce shop archive.
  • Fix: Display an error when no images are selected for uploading.
  • Fix: Time format display when using French.

= Major Update – 1.0.2: March 10, 2015 =

  • New: Mapping improvements: searching based on location, miles/kilometers, speed, accuracy, extensibility.
  • New: Support for updated Extended Locations and Claim Listing plugins.
  • New: Update Ionicon library to the latest version.
  • New: Allow a sidebarless shop and product page.
  • New: Add star base count class to HTML output.
  • New: Support for select2 (WooCommerce).
  • New: Add Tumblr icon support for Social menu.
  • New: Add a “None” option to the region bias.
  • New: Social fields can be associated with a listing (and output on the submission form) instead of a user.
  • Fix: More consistency with the single listing map widget.
  • Fix: Don’t link the tags/amenities in the widget output.
  • Fix: Optimize translation loading.
  • Fix: Output accurate results found count when map is turned off.
  • Fix: Respect all FacetWP link settings (including on homepage).
  • Fix: Pass current language to Google Maps.
  • Fix: More dynamic map height to avoid cutting off canvas.
  • Fix: Do not adjust position of the social login items on the My Account page.
  • Fix: Remove “Completed” text on setup items that do not require it.
  • Fix: Ratings default to 5 stars with a required minimum of 1.
  • Fix: Show pending comment to author but do not count it in average.
  • Fix: Don’t allow WooCommerce to override tertiary navigation link titles.
  • Fix: Address format updates (Spain, Ireland, Ireland, Dutch.
  • Fix: Street Address can not be positioned in formats.
  • Fix: Remove conflict with plugins using a CSS @import.
  • Fix: Firefox text selection background color.
  • Fix: Many stability and user experience improvements.
  • Fix: Continued translation and i18n improvements.

= February 11, 2015 =

  • New: Ability to set specific terms on the Image Grid widget.
  • Fix: Respect FacetWP settings better.
  • Fix: Gallery loading properly with translated ‘gallery’ slug.
  • Fix: Link comment author to author’s public profile on the website.
  • Fix: Add title of product over booking widget.
  • Fix: Make sure grid image heights are always equal.
  • Fix: Add a full clickbox hit area to the image grid.
  • Fix: Don’t try to save fields that have been disabled.
  • Fix: Make sure the first category of the mobile mega menu is clickable.
  • Fix: FacetWP layout and style tweaks.
  • Fix: Don’t stretch gallery images that are smaller than the recommended width.
  • Fix: Make sure the link to the gallery URL has a separator.
  • Fix: Continued translation and i18n improvements.

= January 26, 2015 =

  • New: Add a default search radius value to the customizer.
  • New: Page Template: Page with sidebar on the left.
  • New: Add Envato WordPress Toolkit to recommended plugins.
  • New: If WC Paid Listing package selection is set to “before” have the pricing table link to the submission page.
  • New: If FacetWP is active the mega menu will respect the archive links.
  • Fix: Secondary and Tertiary submenus should open to the right.
  • Fix: Dark color scheme tertiary submenu link color.
  • Fix: Always show the “Map & Contact” widget even if no map data exists.
  • Fix: Don’t show the “Add Photos” link when previewing a listing.
  • Fix: Update Listing > Add New input title string.
  • Fix: When sorting by location make sure WP Job Manager does not interfere with distance sorting.
  • Fix: Load Google Maps JS slightly earlier to avoid being overwritten by other plugins.
  • Fix: Only show approved comments/reviews.
  • Fix: Plans & Pricing responsive tweaks.
  • Fix: Maximum height and overflow on mega menu to avoid the loss of scrolling.
  • Fix: Clean up what is shown in the preview listing so the remaining is more accurate.

= January 19, 2015 =

  • Fix: Only call upgrade routine when available.

= January 19, 2015 =

  • New: Add the ability to set the region bias in the theme customizer.
  • Fix: Use a standard uploader for adding images to listings.
  • Fix: Continued translation and i18n improvements.
  • Fix: Undefined variable in Homepage Image Grid.
  • Fix: Styling improvements for various WooCommerce parts.
  • Fix: Check for translations stored in the WPLANG directory.
  • Fix: Allow the Listing page template to override the [jobs] shortcode.
  • Fix: Make sure unformatted addresses are properly wrapped.

= January 8, 2014 =

  • Fix: Improve auto-formatted locations. Properly formatted based on country now (using WooCommerce).
  • Fix: Don’t show the social profile widget if no methods have been added.
  • Fix: Allow the images in the “Image Grid” widget to be manipulated via the listify_cover_image filter.
  • Fix: Allow “%s Results Found” string to be properly translated.
  • Fix: Allow “%s Review/s” string to be properly translated.
  • Fix: Add a filter around the comment_form() call.
  • Fix: Business Hours widget/input respects WordPress’ day of week setting.
  • Fix: Continued translation and i18n improvements.

= January 7, 2014 =

  • Fix: PHP 5.2 compatibility for Homepage Features widget.
  • Fix: Add a filter to control the output attributes of the mega menu.
  • Fix: Only output the “Claim Listing” link when a form is assigned.
  • Fix: ACF compatibility fixes for gallery management.
  • Fix: Add a filter to control who can add photos to the current listing.
  • Fix: Make sure pins can still be plotted with formatted addresses turned off.
  • Fix: Don’t duplicate the address with formatted addresses turned off.
  • Fix: Add basic schema data around unformatted addresses.
  • Fix: Open a listing’s associated website URL in a new window.
  • Fix: Make the header search form strings translatable.
  • Fix: Allow the translation of the “Filter by tag:” string.
  • Fix: Continued translation and i18n improvements.

= January 5, 2014 =

  • Fix: Properly load translations only from Listify. You only need to translate listify.pot (and your language may already be included). Make sure you have the latest version of the files from Transifex.
  • Fix: Don’t show category multi select on home or other widgetized pages.
  • Fix: Hide WP Job Manager Add-ons from the menu.
  • Fix: Offset listing filters on page when using [jobs] shortcode.
  • Fix: Don’t show the tags widget if no tags were assigned to the listing.
  • Fix: Completely hide the title/description when blank to avoid scrolling on mobile.

= December 22, 2014 =

  • Fix: Make the widgetized page resemble standard pages, not the homepage.

= 1.0.1: December 22, 2014 =

  • New: Any page can be assigned a “Widgetized” page template that will have its unique widgetized area.
  • New: Homepage (Slider) Page template to load a slider at the top of the homepage instead of default functionality.
  • New: Radius searching is now on by default.
  • New: Show a “Book Now” button in the hero when a bookable product is attached.
  • New: If multiple categories are assigned and the same level, output them all.
  • New: Autocomplete searching accepts the same region bias as geocoding.
  • Fix: Make the widget caching unique to the current listing.
  • Fix: Improve Jetpack Subscribe widget styling.
  • Fix: Make “Appearance > Header” reflect reality better.
  • Fix: Don’t count replies as ratings.
  • Fix: Output the correct star count on listings.
  • Tweak: WP Job Manager strings mapped to Listify to avoid translation confusion.

= December 9, 2014 =

  • Fix: Don’t output the header search form path.

= December 9, 2014 =

  • New: Add the ability to hide the “Claim Listing” link by marking as claimed.
  • New: Formatted addresses link to Google Maps.
  • New: “Listing” string support for WP Job Manager – Alerts.
  • Fix: Properly check if a day’s hours are set to Closed.
  • Fix: Header search form searches listings instead of posts/pages.
  • Fix: Make sure no PHP notices appear when adding new listings with no hours.

= December 4, 2014 =

  • New: Option to disable secondary navigation mega menu.
  • Fix: Update tertiary navigation background color for Dark color scheme.
  • Fix: Print WooCommerce notices on all pages.
  • Fix: Update default widgets to better match our demo.
  • Fix: Properly update the amount of listings found.
  • Fix: Update/Search button label based on context.
  • Fix: Use set noun for listing tags slug.
  • Fix: Fix pagination styles for listings when using numbers.
  • Fix: Address widget alignment in IE11.
  • Fix: Login/Register popup submission error handling.

= December 1, 2014 =

  • New: Add animated .gif images to setup page.
  • New: Location-based searches can now be keyword based (radius is optional).
  • New: Use the “Primary” menu label to label the mobile menu.
  • New: Link {{account}} avatar to author’s public profile page.
  • Fix: Make sure taxonomy is passed to tag field on submission form.
  • Fix: Round the top corners of blog images.
  • Fix: Account for larger headers and navigation items when laying out the page.
  • Tweak: Only redirect to setup guide on brand new installs.

= November 28, 2014 =

  • Fix: Make sure page templates load the full size cover image.

= November 25, 2014 =

  • Fix: Properly set close (x) button on search overlay in the header.
  • Fix: WP Job Manager – Regions is not a required plugin.
  • Fix: “Features” widget import data type.
  • Fix: On author archives make sure only correct cover images are shown.

= 1.0.0: November 24, 2014 =

  • First release!

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Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Listable is a listing directory WordPress theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site....r purchase.ChangelogThe current version is 1.6.1: Released on April 8th, 2016.Click here to view the changelog
Free download Themeforest Directory Portal WordPress Theme

DOWNLOAD: Themeforest Directory Portal WordPress Theme

Category: Themeforest | WordPress
Tags: Themeforest | Forums | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Directory | Portal | WordPress | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

First version of our Directory theme was released in January 2013 as an absolutely unique theme concept, first time ever on themefore...Note: Images used on our demo sites are proprietary images and are not included in the theme package.Wordpress Themes by AitThemes
Free download Themeforest Superlist - Directory WordPress Theme

DOWNLOAD: Themeforest Superlist - Directory WordPress Theme

Category: Themeforest | WordPress
Tags: Codecanyon | Edge Animate Templates | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Superlist | Directory | WordPress | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Superlist – Directory WordPress ThemeSuperlist is the result of several years of active development in Wor...d submission- FIX child theme customizer- FIX pending submission notificationVersion 1.0.0 11. November 2015- Initial Release
Free download Themeforest EventBuilder - WordPress Events Directory Theme

DOWNLOAD: Themeforest EventBuilder - WordPress Events Directory Theme

Category: Themeforest | WordPress
Tags: Codecanyon | Edge Animate Templates | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | EventBuilder | WordPress | Events | Directory | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

EventBuilder – WordPress Events Directory ThemeEventBuilder is a complex and advanced events responsive WordPres...reditsFontAwesome IconsGoogle FontsDemo images - UnsplashLatest Themes
Free download Themeforest Atlas Directory & Listings Premium WordPress Theme

DOWNLOAD: Themeforest Atlas Directory & Listings Premium WordPress Theme

Category: Themeforest | WordPress
Tags: Codecanyon | Edge Animate Templates | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Atlas | Directory | Listings | Premium | WordPress | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Atlas Directory & Listings Premium WordPress ThemeAtlas Directory & Listings theme is an absolutely unique premium WordPress...hotodune, therefore they are not available with the downloadable package.Marker images can be found here
Free download Themeforest Point Finder - Directory WordPress Theme

DOWNLOAD: Themeforest Point Finder - Directory WordPress Theme

Category: Themeforest | WordPress
Tags: Photodune | Misc | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Point | Finder | Directory | WordPress | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Point Finder Directory Theme was designed to allow you to create a listing & directory website as you wish. You can create your own c...p address field.+ Fixed: iPad landscape map problem.v1.0.1 - 07/03/2015+ A small Installation issue fixed.v1.0 - 07/03/2015+ Released

Free download Themeforest Directory | Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

DOWNLOAD: Themeforest Directory | Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Category: Themeforest | WordPress
Tags: Videohive | Motion Graphics | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Directory | Multi-Purpose | WordPress | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Directory the Multi-purpose WordPress Theme is an absolutely unique premium WordPress theme, it is the result of our hardworking developm...s After Changing SlugFixed : Subheader Breadcrumb Subcategory UpdatedFixed : Directory Listing Pagination On Filter and on View Changed
Free download Codecanyon App Directory - Starter for your  Directory App

DOWNLOAD: Codecanyon App Directory - Starter for your Directory App

Category: Codecanyon | Mobile
Tags: Photodune | Misc | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | App | Directory | Starter | for | Your
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Browse and Manage mobile sites or Apps.App FeaturesHot apps/sites (logo)Categories with feature Apps/sites on the home SDKParse accountAdmob accountPackageSource code of AppSource code of CMSSample DataDocumentation
Free download Themeforest Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme

DOWNLOAD: Themeforest Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Category: Themeforest | WordPress
Tags: Graphicriver | ePublishing | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Business | Finder: | Directory | Listing | WordPress | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Business Finder theme is an absolutely unique theme inspired by our very successful Directory Theme You’re able to easily set up an on...ages used on our demo sites are proprietary images and are not included in the theme package.Wordpress Themes by Ait Themes
Free download Themeforest Javo Spot - Multi Purpose Directory WordPress Theme

DOWNLOAD: Themeforest Javo Spot - Multi Purpose Directory WordPress Theme

Category: Themeforest | WordPress
Tags: Graphicriver | Game Assets | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Javo | Spot | Multi | Purpose | Directory | WordPress | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 21.April 2016

Javo Spot WordPress ThemeMultiple Purpose Directory Theme.This is the best directory theme + Multiple Purpose (you can create var...on demo data- Fixed : removed edit button in filter- Fixed : Minor css, jsVersion 1.0.0 – 23. Feb. 2016- Initially released
Free download Themeforest Directory - Responsive Ultimate Directory Joomla Template

DOWNLOAD: Themeforest Directory - Responsive Ultimate Directory Joomla Template

Category: Themeforest | CMS Themes
Tags: Directory | directory joomla | directory template | Listing | Multipurpose | Responsive Joomla Template | school directory | University | university directory | Themeforest | CMS Themes | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Directory | Responsive | Ultimate | Joomla | Template
Archives: 2017 | February 2017 | 18.February 2017

SJ Directory is one of the best directory Joomla template for school, university listing and directory websites. With SJ K2 Filter module b...umentationDetailed documentation to configure templateCHANGELOGVERSION 1.0.0: Released on 15 Feb, 2017- Initial release
Free download Codecanyon Directory ultimate PRO WordPress - Table, Grid, List Directory Submit and Listings

DOWNLOAD: Codecanyon Directory ultimate PRO WordPress - Table, Grid, List Directory Submit and Listings

Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
Tags: Categories | Directory | directory wordpress | directory wordpress plugin | Filters | frontend submit | Grid | Listings | Map | Membership | Search | submit | Table | Tags | WooCommerce | Codecanyon | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Template | Directory | Ultimate | Table | Grid | List | submit | Listings
Archives: 2018 | February 2018 | 27.February 2018

Ultimate directory PRO lets you build any kind of directory site. It can be integrated into any theme and it can be customized to your needs...Chrome, Safari and Firefox, EdgeCreditsfontawesome – https://fontawesome.comblog –

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